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lukethexjesse's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 44 (From 8 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 955 Points

Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest!

Patience Unlocked 5/5/09
5 Points
Sit through the long-ass intro.
Backstory Unlocked 5/27/10
10 Points
Discover the backstory.
Giant Crab Battle Unlocked 5/5/09
10 Points
Encounter the (kinda) giant crab.
The Girl Unlocked 5/5/09
10 Points
Dispense of the girl.
Zero Vengeance Unlocked 5/5/09
25 Points
Beat level one without getting hurt.
Dance Party 10 Points Get invited to the dance party!
Domo Hunt 10 Points Find the hidden game.
Fat Bastard 10 Points Bring out the fat man.
Gojira 10 Points Make a new friend!
Squigly Fish 10 Points Find the Squigly Fish!
The Boy 10 Points Dispense of the boy.
Dragonslayer 25 Points Slay the dragon without getting hurt!
A Smasher is You 50 Points Win the game!
Dongle 50 Points You'll know it when you see it!
Fast Smash 50 Points Smash the car in 20 seconds or less.
Penguin Popper 50 Points Destroy 90 Penguins.
Three Eddies 50 Points Bring at least three Eddies to battle!
Flyby Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Lestor Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 5/19 (60/430 points)

Human Centipede: The Game

Reading Rainbow Unlocked 5/27/10
5 Points
Read through all of the intro and instructions text
Donut Break Unlocked 5/27/10
50 Points
Stop a cop car before it makes contact with a tombstone
Grave Damage 10 Points Destroy 100 tombstones
Hop A Cop 10 Points Bypass a cop by moving over him
Nice Aim 25 Points Destroy 10 dropping needles or scalpels
Raise The Roofie 25 Points collect 3 roofies in a single level
Speedy Pedey 25 Points Destroy 5 of the fastest respawned centipedes in a single level
Antivenom 50 Points Destroy 20 tombstones altered by cop cars
Pede Gatherer 50 Points Achieve 50,000 points
Cop Killa 100 Points Destroy 10 cops for their maximum 900 point value
Pede Master 100 Points Achieve 100,000 points
Dieter's Laser Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Together Forever Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/13 (55/550 points)


Frankly Unlocked 5/27/10
5 Points
Build Frankenstein's Monster
I Can Read! Unlocked 5/27/10
5 Points
Don't skip instructions
Sounds Good Unlocked 5/27/10
5 Points
Listen to all songs
Squish Squash Unlocked 5/27/10
10 Points
Squish an enemy with a monster piece
Lagoony 5 Points Build The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Wolf Out 5 Points Build The Wolfman
Falling For You 10 Points Make 1 enemy fall with a monster piece
Holy Moly 10 Points Build The Mole Man
I See You 10 Points Build The Invisible Man
Phantasm 10 Points Build The Phantom of the Opera
Blushing Bride 25 Points Build Bride of Frankenstein
Doozy 25 Points Make 3 enemies fall with a monster piece
Mumm's The Word 25 Points Build The Mummy
Distinguished 50 Points Build American Werewolf in London
Electro-Greed 50 Points Collect 9 electro-tasers
Nice Shot 50 Points Kill all enemies on screen at once with 1 acid
Counting on you 100 Points Build Count Dracula
You Da Man 100 Points Score at least 200,000 points

Medals Earned: 4/18 (25/500 points)

Santa Fu!

Sounds Good Unlocked 12/29/09
10 Points
Listen to all songs
Turbo Power Unlocked 12/29/09
10 Points
Beat Level 1
Oh Fudge Unlocked 12/29/09
25 Points
Beat Level 2
Yellow Snow Unlocked 12/29/09
25 Points
Beat Level 3
Paindeer Unlocked 12/29/09
50 Points
Beat Level 4
Elfinator 25 Points Kill 10 of each elf type
Nutcracker 50 Points Kill 100 enemies with punches to the nuts
Santa Fu Disciple 50 Points Beat any of the first four levels without losing any energy
Santa Fu Master 50 Points Beat the final level without losing any energy
Determined 100 Points Beat the game once with each of the 3 playable characters
King O' Christmas! 100 Points Beat Level 5

Medals Earned: 5/11 (120/495 points)


100_kills Unlocked 4/24/10
5 Points
Reach 100 kills.
20_coins Unlocked 4/24/10
5 Points
Collect 20 coins.
25_diamonds Unlocked 4/24/10
10 Points
Collect 25 diamonds.
500_coins Unlocked 4/24/10
10 Points
Collect 500 coins.
50_blues Unlocked 4/24/10
10 Points
Collect 50 blues.
25_greens 10 Points Collect 25 greens.
500_diamonds 10 Points Collect 500 diamonds.
multiplier_x50 10 Points Get a x50 multiplier.
1000_kills 25 Points Achieve 1000 kills.
2500_kills 25 Points Achieve 2500 kills.
250_blues 25 Points Collect 250 blues.
multiplier_x100 25 Points Get a x100 multiplier.
1000_diamonds 50 Points Collect 1000 diamonds.
2500_coins 50 Points Collect 2500 coins.
multiplier_x150 50 Points Get an x150 multiplier.
game_completed 100 Points Complete the game!

Medals Earned: 5/16 (40/420 points)

Street Fighter Collab

Turtles Unlocked 1/2/10
25 Points
Nobody likes a turtle!
Yodelay-hee-hoo! Unlocked 4/13/10
25 Points
Clickadick! Clickadick! Clickadick! Clickadick! Clickadick!
Ono Boners Unlocked 12/22/09
50 Points
Oh Ono!
Domestic Violence 25 Points X marks the spot!
Tiger Nipples 25 Points Give 'em a pinch!
Tiger Uppercut 25 Points Knock that smug grin off Ryu's stupid face!
Bloodshot 100 Points Watch the whole thing without skipping.
Egg Hunter 100 Points Find all the secret movies!

Medals Earned: 3/8 (100/375 points)

The Room Tribute

Nastwich Unlocked 12/28/12
10 Points
Make a nasty sandwich.
The Johnny Unlocked 12/28/12
10 Points
Get Johnny's cafe order from the movie.
Best Friend Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Best your friend.
Bookworm Unlocked 12/27/12
25 Points
Destroyer Unlocked 12/28/12
25 Points
Payback Unlocked 12/27/12
25 Points
It's a bitch.
Pusher Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Push the hardest.
Rainmaker Unlocked 12/27/12
25 Points
Make it rain!
Runner Unlocked 9/4/10
25 Points
Win the race.
The Room Unlocked 12/28/12
25 Points
Find it.
Perfect Drug Unlocked 12/28/12
50 Points
Take down Chris R in three rounds.
Quarterback Unlocked 12/28/12
50 Points
Make a perfect pass every time.
Receiver Unlocked 12/28/12
50 Points
Catch the ball every time.
The Machine Unlocked 9/4/10
50 Points
Activate it.
Unsee Unlocked 12/27/12
50 Points
See everything you shouldn't see.
Bugged 25 Points Record EVERYTHING (and listen).

Medals Earned: 15/16 (470/495 points)

Time Fcuk

You've learned nothing Unlocked 4/2/10
5 Points
Get the bad ending
Everyone will leave you Unlocked 4/1/10
10 Points
get to level 28
Is something wrong? Unlocked 12/17/09
10 Points
get to lvl 9
You are your only companion in life. Unlocked 4/1/10
10 Points
get to level 22
The Assent Unlocked 4/2/10
50 Points
Get the good ending
Opinionated 10 Points vote on 3 maps
Obsessed 25 Points Vote on 33 maps
Lost in forever 50 Points beat an explore campaign
O))) 100 Points Vote on 333 maps

Medals Earned: 5/9 (85/270 points)